Testing foods is one of the more familiar services offered with Kinesiology.  Muscle testing gives the practitioner (and client) immediate feedback when testing a food. If you suffer from:

  • digestive problems
  • headaches
  • low energy
  • if you’ld like to lose weight
  • if you wake up tired
  • have skin problems
  • feel constipated
  • feel iritated, moody or even sad
  • if you sneeze a lot or have blocked sinuses
  • feel bloated or suffer other digestive complaints, then…

it would be worth your while visiting one of our Systematic Kinesiologists to test the foods you eat.

Why can some people eat a food that others have to avoid?

Clients often have the misconception that a sensitivity is due exclusively to the food they eat.  If you eat something and you get a reaction and another person eats the same food but doesn’t have a reaction – then there is something different about the body of the person who has the food sensitivity.  A stressed body is more like to suffer more sensitivities.

If the only treatment offered is to eliminate the food from the diet, then the list of things to avoid may become too long.  These clients may focus on (and get stressed about) the limitations of their diet. One cause of food allergy is eating it too frequently.  

80% of most diets are made up of 10 foods.  People often crave the food they are sensitive to and may even feel “better” after consuming this food.

Your Kinesiologist will help support your body to better health by offering you an holistic treatment, including balancing the digestive system, using nutritional supplements and hydrochloric acid / food enzymes, enabling you to continue to have a normal diet and not be limited to just a few foods.  

You may need to avoid a food for a little while, but the idea is not to restrict your diet too much. Treatment looks at your whole lifestyle, stress reduction, nutritional supplements and supporting you as you make these changes.