26th November 2016

Link of Talcum Powder to Ovarian Cancer

Is there really a link to talcum powder and ovarian cancer?

Are you curious as to why more and more women are getting worried about using talcum powder especially on their intimate parts? Are you wondering as to what is talcum powder? If so then reading the information below, will give you an insight as to whether there is a link to it or not.

More and more studies are proving that talcum powder and ovarian cancer are link to each other. The reason behind this is because there is an increasing evidence that is suggesting that using talcum powder should be avoided by women, especially as a hygienic powder to their intimate parts. In fact, women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer are being urged to see the link to their usage of talcum powder.

First Evidence

According to studies by scientists, the first possible evidence was recorded in 1970s. It is said that the particles of the talc had entered the tract of a woman’s reproductive system and had traveled to the cervix and into their uterus until the particles entered the fallopian tubes. It is also said that majority of the tumors found in the ovaries had talc particles, wherein these particles are embedded deeply in these tumors.

This study by the scientists were then followed by a Cancer journal which was published in the year 1982. It also supported the research that was firstly done in the 1970s. Ever since the studies conducted by scientists, more than twenty other studies showed the link of talc and ovarian cancer.

Recent Studies

According to the recent studies, which was conducted in 2013 of June by the Cancer Prevention Research journal and Women’s Hospital, they have reviewed the data that included almost two thousand women.

The analysis showed that women who are using talcum powder for their intimate hygiene had increased the risk of getting ovarian cancer by twenty to thirty percent. This study had also confirmed the study which was published a decade ago by the Anticancer Research journal, which concluded that using talcum powder on women’s genitals had increased the risk of getting an ovarian cancer by thirty percent.

The researchers who did the study end up with this conclusion after they had analyzed the data from sixteen different papers.

What is Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is made out of talc, which is a mineral that contains silicon and magnesium that are both mined in the form of a rock. The rocks will then be crushed, then dried and then milled to become a powder, which will then be marketed to be able to absorb the moisture. It will also provide a surface that is slippery and soft, which will help reduce the friction. These properties are the reasons why it became attractive to the industry.

Today, talcum powder is being used as one of the ingredients in certain products that will help with body odors, chafing, and skin irritations. Other products such as intimate hygiene products, foot powders, adult body powders, and baby powders are also using talcum powder.

Using Intimate Hygiene with Talcum Powder

During the past decades, the products with talcum powder have evolved wherein women have become the target market by many.

Most intimate hygiene products are now using talcum powder since it helps the vagina from vaginal odors, making women comfortable and feeling fresh all day. In fact it also became a routine to a lot of women, wherein they regularly dust not only their private parts, but as well as their sanitary napkins and underwear.

To many Americans, using talcum powder is part of their freshness and cleanliness. There are also some instances where talcum powder was being used together with diaphragms that is usually used for birth control and even in several condoms.

Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson

One of the companies who have been subjected to a lawsuit due to utilizing talcum powder together with their products is Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit happened in 2014, wherein the lawsuits were claiming that the company is the one responsible in giving ovarian cancer to women.

The products which are subjected to these lawsuits are the Shower to Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder. Deane Berg is one of the women who have been using Shower to Shower from the year 1975 to 2007.

According to a pelvic exam done to her in 2006, the exam showed blood clotting in her ovaries, which led to more exams and that eventually led to the diagnosis of her having an ovarian cancer. Berg won the claim that the company was negligent, but the court sided with Johnson & Johnson that the company isn’t a part of any conspiracy and that it had no liability whatsoever.

Today, Johnson & Johnson is now facing one thousand two hundred lawsuits, wherein they are being accused of not providing a warning to its consumer about the cancer risks of using products that are talc based.

According to Carol Goodrich, who is the company’s spokeswoman, the company is still intending to appeal to the decision of the jury and would still continue to defend the company’s products.