Our top 5 reasons to visit
a Systematic Kinesiologist

1: Get Clarity

With all the information it can get confusing as to what’s the best advice for YOU.  Like the old saying “Jack Spratt could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean,  and so between them they licked the platter clean“, there is no one universal diet. 

Some foods suit you better than others.  But which?  New information from experts, latest research and bombared with marketing messages on TV, it’s no wonder there’s confusion. However, using the tool of muscle testing, your Systematic Kinesiologist can find out from your own body what it needs.  Your body is the expert!

More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten, (found in wheat, rye, oats and barley) but it is estimated that many people are never diagnosed for either gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Maybe the symptoms you’re experiencing – low mood, digestive problems, skin problems – could be linked?  Gluten and other food intolerances can sap our energy and concentration. 

A Systematic Kinesiology session will pinpoint which foods you are sensitive to so that you know which to avoid.  Food testing will help you get clarity about what’s good for you and what’s best avoided.

2: Diagnosed, now what?

Diagnosis is only one piece of the jigsaw. Many diagnostic approaches are just that – a list of foods to avoid but little guidance as to what you can do to overcome them.  

By seeing a Systematic Kinesiologist you will not only know which foods you have tested as sensitive to, but also treatment to help you recover your health.  

Being sensitive to foods is a symptom of a stressed body. Treatment is necessary to support the body and our practitioners have a wealth of techniques to help calm and restore the stressed individual. These may include using the right supplements to nourish your adrenal system, helping to prevent ‘Burn Out’.

Testing the appropriate foods as well as muscle and energetic balancing help to bring the mind and body and spirit back into stable equilibrium again.

3: But what will I eat?

When making lifestyle changes, it can get tough.  Especially if foods that “you can’t live without” are on that list.  We can test you for a wide range of different foods so that you aren’t just cutting out one whole food group without replacing it with something else. 

 The spice of life is variety.  If you just keep eliminating foods so that eventually you only eat the same two things every day for example, eventually you’ll become sensitive to those too.

A Systematic Kinesiologist will help you with the stress and emotional reasons you eat certain foods. You are more likely to be successful when you have someone “in your corner”. 

Many of our practitioners have had their own health challenges and can completely understand how you are feeling.  

There is a whole wide world of variety out there and we can get stuck in a rut when it comes to food.  When you realise just how much one or two foods have dominated your diet, it can really be fun to experiment with new tastes and favours, knowing that they are doing you good!

4: Understanding why

Your body is always giving out signals – like thirst, pain, tension etc – and a Systematic Kinesiologist can interpret those signals though muscle testing.  

Tried everything but can’t shift those stubborn pounds?

The answer may lie with a food sensitivity.  Those extra pounds could be caused by bloating or water retention.   

When you’re eating foods that your body is sensitive to, it can cause inflammation which will mean your body holds on to weight no matter how much you reduce your calorie intake or how much you increase your exercise.  

By discovering which foods nourish you and which foods in fact you should avoid, your Systematic Kinesiologist can create a lifestyle plan tailor made for you. 

It will boost your energy, decrease bloating and water retention, help shed those pounds and improve your skin condition. All of which will leave you looking and feeling fantastic.  

No more puffiness!

5: You need a plan and support

Systematic Kinesiology can also help you build your confidence and will power so that you embrace your new diet and lifestyle wholeheartedly.  You are in control.  Your practitioner can help you find the root cause of your health complaint. 

There may be a biochemical problem. You may have food sensitivity or need to take a digestive aid to help you break down your food. There may be emotional reasons – many people seek comfort in food – and Systematic Kinesiology can help you release in a very gentle non intrusive way. 

Kinesiology is truly holistic as it works with the emotions, the physical body itself and the biochemistry.

Many people with low energy visit our practitioners. And there can be many causes of low energy.  Food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalance, with gut problems you may lack certain vitamins and minerals due to poor absorption, even just drinking too much tea and not enough water, can all lead to low energy. 

Systematic Kinesiology can give you all the tools you need to help you pick yourself up and put yourself back on the path to vitality.

It is recommended that as you make changes to your lifestyle, that you commit to having 3-6 treatments.

If you’re ready to talk to a Systematic Kinesiology practitioner please see our current listings.

So finally…

We live in a society that is powered by stress. Many of us commute long distances to work, sit in front of computers getting blasted by electromagnetic waves all day, have high sugar, high carb, high caffeine diets and rarely get outside into the light and the fresh air.  All of this puts your mind and body under great stress.

There can also be numerous other biochemical reasons for low mood and sleep problems such as a blood sugar imbalance, a disruption in the pineal gland, which governs restorative sleep, even something as simple as a lack of Vitamin D has a massive impact on our mood and our sleep.

If there is an underlying emotional problem, Systematic Kinesiology can help you release and rebalance in a very gentle way using a number of techniques such as Emotional Stress Release , Psychological Reversal and Bach Flower Remedies.

There is hope and help available. If your health isn’t what it used to be, you’ve niggling health issues that don’t go away, you feel bloated, tired, and have food cravings, then give this a go.