A truly holistic therapy!

Helps you identify why you feel, how you feel…

If you’ve tried everything but never heard of Systematic Kinesiology till now, then you’re in the right place.

Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a tool to identify the source of what could be causing your health issue(s) as well as offering gentle and effective treatment for common problems.

Life is all about how you feel.
If you feel tired life feels heavy
If you are in pain, life is no fun.

Back pain

Muscle testing is used to find the underlying weaknesses, strengthen these imbalances, and bring about relief to your back pain.

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Constipation is one of the most common presenting ailments and is characterized by a difficulty passing stools or an absence of the urge to eliminate.

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Food testing

Testing foods is one of the more familiar services offered with Kinesiology.  Muscle testing gives the practitioner (and client) immediate feedback when testing a food. 

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What can Kinesiology do?

It can help with more than 80% of all the health problems that most people put up with either because it isn’t bad enough to go to the doctor, or they have sought help but received no relief. Almost everyone you know suffers from one other of this extensive list of conditions.  None of them in themselves necessarily life threatening.  They just make life a misery…

Apparently 50% of all the people in this country suffer from back ache at one time or another.  Almost everyone gets colds or the flu too often for comfort. Kinesiology can help you balance your body’s systems, and enjoy a level of health and wellbeing you may not have experienced since you were a child.

Just feeling “unwell” or “below par” or “a bit under the weather” seems almost to be the norm. 
It is accepted as a normal way of life.  
It does not have to be that way